Rotary Club of Del Mar: Bringing holiday happiness to children for 30 years

Participants at the Dec. 10 Zoom Christmas Craft Party.

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Each Christmas since 1991, the Rotary Club of Del Mar has hosted up to 75 young children from Del Mar and Solana Beach to a fun and heartwarming holiday event.

Every child deserves to be spoiled a bit during the holidays and the Rotary Club of Del Mar contributes by hosting an annual Christmas party. This is an event for members of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito’s La Colonia Clubhouse in Solana Beach, complete with activities, crafts, gifts and food. This annual Christmas event ensures the La Colonia children and families have a fantastic holiday. A tradition which started 30 Christmases ago was modified this year to accommodate Covid-safe practices and became a Zoom Christmas Craft Party.

On Thursday, Dec. 10, the children and their instructors “zoomed” in from the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito La Colonia Clubhouse after-school program to enjoy crafts, music, treats and a visit from Santa.

A child logs into the online Christmas party.

With the assistance of Rotarian craft masters Donna Fipps, Klaus Gubernator, Dee House and Kathy Reed, the party featured four craft sessions where guests made jewelry, Christmas ornaments, and sculptures using sticky foam nuggets of different colors that stick together when made damp.

A special guest appearance of Santa Claus was welcomed as he joined the festivities to deliver gifts, hear Christmas wishes from the children, and wish everyone a “Merry Christmas.”

Santa Claus makes an appearance via Zoom.

This party is widely anticipated by bright-eyed, immaculately groomed children from a lower income neighborhood nestled between the beach communities of Solana Beach and Del Mar. Their mothers will have spent months getting their party dresses and outfits ready for this occasion, which is reportedly one of the highlights of their children’s year. Santa receives assistance from Rotary Club members and La Colonia volunteers.

The Rotary Club of Del Mar was chartered May 4, 1954 and the club is active in community service both locally and internationally. Through this event, the Rotary Club of Del Mar organized a Covid relief fund that was utilized to help 50 underprivileged families in the local area. Visit to see the club’s other efforts. —Rotary Club of Del Mar news release