National Charity League Inc., San Dieguito Chapter holds virtual mother/daughter meeting

NCL San Dieguito members at a recent mother/daughter Zoom meeting.
NCL San Dieguito members at a recent mother/daughter Zoom meeting.

More than 180 households from the National Charity League (NCL), Inc., San Dieguito Chapter recently participated in a virtual mother/daughter meeting focused on leadership.

Guest speaker, local artist and teacher Amy Miller, founder and creator of “Amy’s Art Palette” and “The Mother Daughter Art Project” guided the chapter in creating a hands-on art project.

Miller shared qualities of leadership and provided strategies to use and engage conversation between mothers and daughters while working on the art together.

Prior to the meeting, members were provided a bag with art items needed to complete the project. After a brief color lesson, mothers and daughters began creating cardboard collage cards, together but apart, with other members. Using a provided list of leadership words to act as a guide, they discussed important leadership traits and were encouraged to ask each other questions, such as “Can someone learn to be a leader?”, “How does being a leader differ for women and men?” and “What does leadership look like when it’s silent?” to prompt meaningful dialogue.

As a chapter, mothers and daughters shared their experiences with the project and conversations. Miller emphasized the importance of making art together and talking about important topics. “We often say that NCL is about making connections. It is my hope that this meeting provided an avenue for mothers and daughters to share in the creative process while learning about each other,” explained Chapter President Sandra Hoyle.

Encouraging leadership by nurturing confidence through opportunities for mothers and daughters to learn and grow, while also building problem-solving skills in a supportive environment is highlighted by National Charity League, Inc.

NCL, Inc. San Dieguito, currently has 282 members and provides hands-on volunteer service for 28 philanthropic organizations in the community. Members are women and their daughters in grades 7-12. Through this community service, NCL, Inc. develops socially responsible community leaders and strengthens the mother-daughter relationship. The traditional six-year core program also includes leadership development and cultural activities. For more information about the NCL, Inc., San Dieguito, visit