Solana Beach resident launches latest podcast ‘Vitamin Joy’

Shelby Stanger

In her latest podcast venture, Solana Beach resident Shelby Stanger started a health and wellness-centered show called “Vitamin Joy.”

Stanger, who also offers a course on podcasting to help others get started with their own productions, first got started with the medium about five years ago.

“I had been listening to a lot of podcasts and there wasn’t really one that talked about adventure in the way I wanted to hear it, so I started a podcast in 2016,” she said.

That initial podcast, “Wild Ideas Worth Living,” was bought by the outdoor recreation co-op REI. Stanger continues to host the podcast. Guests on the show have included rock climber Alex Honnold, an outdoor enthusiast and activist drag queen, and the fastest blind man in the world.

“Vitamin Joy” covers topics such as mental health, comedy, breathing, giving up caffeine, abstaining from alcohol and how to sleep better. Stanger said her interest in the subject matter came from her own attempts at improving her health, including dietary changes and water-only fasting.

“When quarantine hit, I knew I was going to start another podcast, but I wanted to explore health, and this time with humor,” Stanger said. “Because I’m really interested in different ways we can be healthier and happier. I’m interested in physical health, mental health, and I wanted to present it in a manner that was attainable, affordable, accessible, like taking a vitamin.”

Guests on the show include athletes, a retired Navy SEAL combat veteran, an expert on how to stop procrastinating and a pediatric sleep consultant.

Stanger said her first experiences in media included having an essay published in the San Diego Union-Tribune when she was 15, and writing for a Washington D.C.-based youth magazine

“I shared a story about a family member’s battle with alcoholism and kids told me they stopped drinking or were getting help,” she said.

But podcasting has been her preferred medium.

“They’re just a great way to learn about so much information, and I have a lot of really big-time experts on the show,” said Stanger, who studied journalism at Emory University and worked in journalism and marketing.

She added that the best reward is the feedback from listeners who share the adventures they’ve been on, or the ways their health has improved.

“Every now and then someone says I helped them quit their job or move across the country,” Stanger said.

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