SeaWeeders hand out milkweed in Solana Beach

Caterpillars of monarch butterflies require a milkweed diet.
(Luke Harold)

SeaWeeders Garden Club members handed out free milkweed at the Boys & Girls Club on Lomas Santa Fe on Saturday, April 24, part of an effort to encourage residents to plant more pollinator habitat in their gardens to support monarch butterflies.

The group set up a drive-through in the parking lot and distributed more than 350 native narrow-leaf milkweed plants and 1,430 seeds for free to at least 90 Solana Beach residents who registered in advance. Due to high demand, the sign-up period closed in a matter of hours, according to the SeaWeeders. Distribution was limited to five plants and three seed packets per family.

In March, Solana Beach Mayor Lesa Heebner signed the National Wildlife Federation’s Mayor’s Monarch Pledge, according to a city announcement. Milkweed is required for female monarchs to lay eggs and for caterpillars to eat.

SeaWeeders set up a drive-through to hand out free milkweed.
SeaWeeders set up a drive-through to hand out free milkweed. Top row, L-R: Kathleen Drummond, Jan Wier; middle row, L-R: Heidi Dewar (standing), Cindi Clemons, Sandy Mills; bottom row, L-R: Tina Zucker, Kristine Schindler.
(Luke Harold)

The SeaWeeders partnered with the city of Solana Beach and its Climate Action Commission for the milkweed handout.

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