Carmel Creek School holds class of 2021 reunion

Graduating seniors from Carmel Creek School's class of 2012.
(Karen Billing)

On May 27, Carmel Creek Elementary School hosted a reunion for the class of 2021.

At the gathering in Carmel Creek Park, the graduating seniors from Carmel Creek’s fourth grade class of 2012 were able to reconnect with each other as well as with several of their former teachers and former Carmel Creek principal Terri Davis. Many of them hadn’t seen the students since they were last at the school.

“I can see your little third grade faces,” remarked teacher Rachel Ray.

The Cougars of the class of 2021 are headed off in all different directions: To Syracuse University and Notre Dame, to Berklee College of Music and UC Berkeley, to Cal Poly and MIT, the University of Miami and the University of Tennessee. Several young women will be together at UC Santa Barbara, another will be taking a gap year working as an au pair in Cyprus, Greece.

Graduating seniors from Carmel Creek.
(Karen Billing)

Sharing Carmel Creek memories with the group, the classmates remembered Gold Rush Day, playing wall ball and four square, and dissecting a squid in the third grade. One student said she remembered being playfully bopped on the head with a smiley face balloon by Mr. Montag. Jeffrey Montag, now retired, said he still has the balloon on his desk at home.

Their former Carmel Creek teachers offered words of advice: to keep a journal, to be kind, to be present, to not get too attached to their expectations, and to meet as many people they can from different walks of life and be open and listen to their different points of view.

“Call your moms and dads,” offered teacher Lauren Beebe. “They will really miss you.”

“Find your happiness,” Davis told her former students. “You have all different gifts. Use all the strengths you have to get you to the place that makes you happy.”

Retired Carmel Creek teacher Patty Totina said it was probably the parents and teachers present who could benefit from advice from these students in the class of 2021: “You’re the ones who survived this year.”

Totina said it was their turn now to step forward and make the world a better place.

Carmel Creek teachers connected with their former students.
(Karen Billing)
Former Carmel Creek students.
(Karen Billing)