Cash for Trash project encourages ocean conservation

Charlotte Sach created Cash for Trash for a Girl Scout project.

Learning about environmental issues in school over the last few years inspired a local student to take action through a Girl Scout project.

Charlotte Sach, who will be a freshman at Torrey Pines High School, started a program that partners with local businesses to offer 10% discounts to customers who gather bags of litter. The goal is to promote ocean conservation and cut down on the flow of plastics and other garbage that make it into the ocean.

“I think that global climate change is today’s biggest issue,” Charlotte said. “Anyone well-informed knows that we need to make a dramatic change in a short period of time. Cash for Trash allows us to make the first weary step forward into uncertainty.”

She added that the idea of Cash for Trash came from her mother. Almost every other night, the two of them collected trash from the streets of Del Mar. On one of those walks, they discussed project ideas for the Silver Award, which is the highest honor a cadette can achieve in the Girl Scouts. It requires the cadette to learn about an issue they care about and develop a plan to address it.

Charlotte said she visited local businesses in Del Mar pitching her idea, and got three of them so far to sign on: Joni and Susi, Urban Girl, Frustrated Cowboy.

“I will continue to reach out to others, but, at the moment, my main focus is to get Del Mar residents to partake, because without them, Cash for Trash will never be successful,” she added.

Her goal now is to get as many people as possible to take part.

“All I am looking for now is participants,” Charlotte said, “customers of these local businesses to pick a bag of trash, show it to an employee for 10% off of an item, and create an Instagram post with #cash4trash_dm. This platform will assist my interpretations of the overall popularity of the discount and personal feedback.”

More information about Cash for Trash is available on Instagram at cash4trash_dm.