Local company launches LED Del Mar sign

Category6LED developed a Del Mar sign.

Category6LED, a company that makes LED signs based on well-known local city insignias, has added a Del Mar sign to its collection.

The company’s founder, Solana Beach resident Vince DiMella, said that he drew inspiration from some of the city’s most memorable characteristics.

“We created something off of our local knowledge, and through working with some locals, that tied into the horse track, and didn’t lose sight of the Torrey pine trees,” he said. “That’s very unique to Del Mar.”

After launching with signs that pay homage to Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Hillcrest, the collection now includes Coronado, North Park, Little Italy and Dana Point.

“It is all about the community,” DiMella said. “We have obviously wanted to keep it small. We’re not on Amazon, we’re not on Etsy, we don’t work with any big box retailer-type stores. We work with very specialized, small art boutique-style retail partners.”

DiMella, whose past business ventures include a 3D beverage coaster, partnered with local artist and musician Brendan Raasch, and local entrepreneur Espen Schaathun. They wanted to promote a “local, community vibe” in some of their favorite spots.

“I probably spend more time on the beach in Del Mar than I do in Solana Beach,” DiMella said. “So I’m probably in the sand more in Del Mar than I am here. I’ve got childhood friends who live in Del Mar, so we’re down there all the time.”

For more information, visit category6led.com.