Curebound launches and commits to invest $100 million into cancer research

Scientific Advisory Board
Scientific Advisory Board (l-r): Erica Ollmann Saphire, Ph.D., The La Jolla Institute for Immunology, Reuben Shaw Ph.D., Salk Institute Cancer Center, Ze’ev Ronai, Ph.D., Sanford Burnham Prebys, Paula Aristizibal, M.D., Rady Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology; Scott Lippman, M.D., Moores Comprehensive Care Center, UCSD; Ezra Cohen, M.D., Moores Comprehensive Care Center, UCSD; Jeffery Kelly, Ph.D., Scripps Research

(Gilda Adler)

New organization aims to drive collaborative research in San Diego


On Nov. 30, the formation of a newly launched organization, Curebound, was announced at a Scientific Advisory Board meeting at Farmer & the Seahorse in La Jolla, according to a news release. The event brought together experts from San Diego’s top cancer research institutions alongside prominent leaders from the life science, venture capital and biotech industries with the goal of finding a cure for cancer in our lifetime.

Curebound, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, represents a partnership between Padres Pedal the Cause and the Immunotherapy Foundation, two local organizations that have come together to empower opportunities for increased engagement: more events, more outreach and education, and more awareness. With this larger effort, they have also set a bold goal: Curebound is committed to raising and investing $100 million into collaborative cancer research over the next decade and making San Diego a city of cancer cures.

The new organization funds collaborative research among San Diego’s top research institutions includes UCSD Moores Cancer Center, Rady Children’s Hospital, Salk Institute, Sanford Burnham Prebys, La Jolla Institute for Immunology and Scripps Research.

“We recognize that San Diego is uniquely positioned to be a global center for cancer research innovation, said Anne Marbarger, CEO of Curebound. “Nowhere else in the world can you find this mix of research power, clinical care capability and biotech industry aligned in such close proximity.”

Curebound comes from a powerful history of combined success, having accomplished the following:

-Raised over $20 million for collaborative cancer research in San Diego

-Funded 73+ discovery projects including at least six clinical trials underway

-Initiated research exploration of 21 different types of cancer

In addition, Padres Pedal the Cause, one of San Diego’s most prominent events in support of collaborative cancer research, and IF’s Rock N Roll Avalanche concert series will continue to unite the community to create cures for cancer in our lifetime.

Curebound also announced the return of Padres Pedal the Cause to Petco Park on April 9, 2022, where its community of cancer fighters will be back and ready to ride, spin, run and walk with more passion than ever. Registration is now open. For more information, visit