Torrey Pines High School fashion club raises money for Ukraine

Torrey Pines students sold clothing at the swap meet to raise money for Ukraine.

The Passion for Fashion Club at Torrey Pines High School raised about $500 at Kobey’s Swap Meet on Saturday, April 30, to support Ukraine by selling vintage clothing that members had accumulated.

Proceeds went to The International Rescue Committee, which has been sending money to Ukraine as part of its mission to help people persevere through humanitarian crises.

Hudson Welty, a junior at Torrey Pines, said that sending aid to Ukraine as the Russian invasion continues is “something that we’re all passionate about, a current event that we wanted to raise awareness for and raise money for.”

Club members gathered clothing from thrift stores and other sources leading up to the swap meet.

“We integrated things that we like, like fashion and selling vintage clothes,” said Hudson, who serves as the social media manager for the club. “And we wanted to raise money for a cause that we cared about using something that we enjoyed doing.”

Passion for Fashion Club members plan to continue their efforts to raise money for causes that they support, including returning to the swap meet. Kobey’s Swap Meet takes place from Friday to Sunday every week at the sports arena.

“We want to continue doing fundraisers for other organizations,” Hudson said.