Sticker Shock: Teens share important anti-alcohol message for summer


Students from the local San Dieguito area teen Friday Night Live Chapter conducted a “Sticker Shock” campaign at the Carmel Valley Liquor Store June 20 to warn customers that providing alcohol to minors is illegal, according to a news release.

Sticker photo
Andres Sotelo, left, a student at Torrey Pines High School, and Daniel Garcia, of San Dieguito Academy, place stickers on liquor bottles at Carmel Valley Liquor store Monday, June 20, as part of an annual campaign to warn customers that providing alcohol to minors is against the law.


The annual campaign is an effort to prevent underage drinking and to bring attention to health and safety problems associated with binge drinking at the start of summer. The campaign also serves as a reminder that selling or providing alcohol to those under 21 is illegal.

Carmel Valley Liquor store owner Keith Crockett invited participating teens to place stickers on in-store alcohol products to promote the prevention campaign. Crockett has supported the campaign at his store for several years.

The San Dieguito FNL youth group was formed in 2010 as “The Changers” with students from San Dieguito high schools with the goal to improve their community by combating the influence of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs.

Participants work to educate their peers, community, and civic leaders regarding the negative consequences of underage drinking, smoking, marijuana and other drug use. Members learn to recognize the danger of the high-risk behavior that accompanies drinking and drug use and speak out about these issues to make a difference in their schools and community. —San Dieguito Alliance for Drug Free Youth news release