Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society announces scholarship winners


The Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society recently announced the winners of its two scholarships for the 2022 year.

Eric Van Valkenburg
Eric Van Valkenburg
(Courtesy of Amy McQuade

The first scholarship, named in honor and memory of Bruce Berrand, was given to Eric Van Valkenburg. Eric is off to the University of Oklahoma where he will study physical therapy and play baseball. Eric has a history of volunteering in the community. He says that he was born a natural giver. On his way to preschool one day he told his mom that after school he wanted to play at “Charity’s house”. She asked him if Charity was the name of one of his friends at school. “No”, he said, “she’s the kid you give all of my toys to!” He also said that he was lucky to be in such a beautiful place as Solana Beach with such great people. He added that it is “important to appreciate our life and also give back to those less fortunate”. Eric is described by a teacher as a “conscientious, determined, thoughtful, and sensitive individual.”

Kelly Drummond
Kelly Drummond
(Jimmy Drummond)

The second scholarship winner is Kelly Drummond. This scholarship was made possible by a generous donation from a Civic and Historical Society member, Asli Carome. It is given in honor of her daughter, Selin Everett. Kelly is a young woman who is returning to college. She graduated in 2010 with a bachelors of arts degree from the University of Puget Sound. She says that “after a decade of working in education in different capacities,” she “felt called to pursue another passion – ocean conservation.” She is currently enrolled in a master’s program at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego. Kelly’s volunteer activities include volunteering regularly for Surfrider with the “Ocean Friendly Restaurants” campaign to adopt ocean-friendly practices. She also attends beach cleanups sponsored by local conservation organizations such as Surfrider, I Love a Clean San Diego and the San Diego Coastkeeper.

The Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society “is proud of these two young people and is happy to be able to help financially as they begin their college education. We wish them well as they pursue their academic endeavors.”

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