CCA student donates art supplies to Monarch School

Kate Lee donates art supplies to Monarch School Donations Manager Sarah Krueger
Kate Lee donates art supplies to Monarch School Donations Manager Sarah Krueger

Kate Lee is the founder of Arts 4 All Kids


Canyon Crest Academy freshman Kate Lee donated new art supplies Aug. 11 to Monarch School, a school for homeless and low-income families in downtown San Diego. Raising funds through tutoring and a bake sale, Kate raised $721 to buy art supplies, such as sketchbooks, canvases, and alcohol markers, hoping to share her love of art with Monarch’s students.

Kate founded her nonprofit, Arts 4 All Kids, this summer when she learned that many schools were cutting arts and music education because of budget cuts. “Art has always been an important part of my life. I go to art classes to paint and improve my techniques. But more than that, it is an outlet that I can rely on to think creatively without restraint.”

Personally experiencing how expression and creativity have benefited her in other subjects as well as in her personal life, Kate wanted to make it possible for low-income families and underfunded schools to provide art opportunities for children. This was the creation of Arts 4 All Kids. For the initial event, Kate wanted to contribute her own talent first. “It would be hypocritical of me to ask for donations without first giving myself.” During the summer, she tutored an elementary school student in math. She also did a fundraiser selling homemade mango tarts, her personal favorite dessert. “My initial goal was to raise $1,000, so I fell a bit short. However, I am happy that I could use this summer for a meaningful cause.”

Kates shares, “This is just the beginning. Arts 4 All Kids is currently in dire need of new members and staff.” She hopes to recruit volunteers and donors who are equally passionate about art to support Arts 4 All Kids. For more information, visit the website or contact Kate at Kate hopes to expand her efforts with the ample support of the community for Arts 4 All Kids to provide art supplies and opportunities to underprivileged, minority children all around the globe.