NCL del Norte mothers and daughters are committed to ‘Serving Together in Joy and Love’


The del Norte Chapter of the National Charity League held its annual Mother/Daughter Meeting Sept. 11. Over 240 members of the del Norte Chapter of the NCL came together at the Nativity School in Rancho Santa Fe to kickoff the 2023 year. Staying true to this year’s theme of “Serving Together in Joy and Love”, the meeting featured a Philanthropy Fair highlighting the many volunteer opportunities available for NCL mother and daughter pairs throughout the year. When asked about the thematic choice, President Stephanie Kourie said, “I chose this year’s theme of ‘Serving Together in Joy and Love’, as it epitomizes the essence of what the National Charity League is. We are mothers and daughters serving in the community as a pair, engendering a meaningful mother/daughter bond. The girls are part of a class of Ticktockers, who often put on charity events together, forming friendships which last a lifetime. We are all part of the team which includes the patronesses (mothers), of our chapter, San Diego Del Norte, the first chapter in North County”.

Highlights of the meeting included the introduction of several of the 65 new members – Provisional Ticktockers and Patronesses from the class of 2028 as well as the presentation of the chapter service awards. The Merci award for most total philanthropic service hours completed was awarded to Lindsay Zimmer. The Mission Bell award for completing 50 hours of service in one chapter philanthropy was awarded to Paulina Bortnak. The Hourglass award for 100 hours completed in combined philanthropies was awarded to Paulina Bortnak, Ashlyn Garrigan, Mia Haugen, Chloe Mullen, and Lindsay Zimmer.

The Yellow Rose award for 75 hours completed in combined philanthropic activities was awarded to Paulina Bortnak, Katie Griffitts, Kathryn Silva, Ashlyn Garrigan, Urmila Hawk-Miller, Olivia Howe, Mia Haugen, Lindsay Zimmer, Lilllia Howe, and Chloe Mullen. The Mission Bell award for 50 hours completed in 1 Philanthropy was awarded to Paulina Bortnak. The Yellow Rosebud award for 50 completed hours in combined philanthropies was awarded to Paulina Bortnak, Katie Griffitts, Kathryn Silva, Natalie Baglio, Elaine Beamer, Lyla Beamer, Ashlyn Garrigan, Mia Haugen, Urmila Hawk-Miller, Olivia Howe, Carmen Morera, Lilian O’Shaughnessy, Evangelique Kourie, Ava Kisch, Maeve McEvoy, Megan Melcher, Lindsay Zimmer, Lilllia Howe, Charlize Thompson, and Chloe Mullen. Forty-two mother-daughter pairs received the Mother-Daughter award for completing a minimum of 25 on-site philanthropy hours together.

Guest Speaker Kristen Jones, a Hall of Fame DI volleyball player from The College of William and Mary in Virginia and 14-year NIKE executive, writer and Peak Performance Coach, spoke to the attendees about having a “Growth Mindset” and of the importance of having grit in the face of adversity.

Members donated new and gently used Halloween costumes for the October Fall Carnival at the Bridge of Hope. The afternoon concluded with ticktocker officer training held in small group settings, preparing the officers for the year ahead. With 3,524 chapter-wide hours completed already through the summer, the del Norte chapter members are poised and motivated to serve the community throughout the rest of the year.