92130 Cares volunteers and Solana Pacific School students hold fresh food distribution event

4th graders from Solana Pacific School and 92130 Cares
4th graders from Solana Pacific School and 92130 Cares volunteers recently teamed up for a fresh food distribution event.

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On Sunday, Oct. 2, 4th graders from Solana Pacific School joined the veteran volunteers of 92130 Cares to set up a fresh food distribution event at Windwood Village apartment complex.

Over 20 Sandpipers and their family members tackled all aspects from set-up to clean-up, smiling all the while. They even carried the groceries to some of the shoppers’ front porches. “The happy and speedy energy of these hardworking students was just what we need! We need more of it!” said Cheryl Hsu, 92130 Cares founder. Never underestimate what a flock of local students can accomplish in two hours.

On a weekly basis, 92130 Cares volunteers pick up donated food from Grocery Outlet Mira Mesa, Whole Foods La Jolla, Whole Foods Del Mar, Jimbo’s Carmel Valley and Trader Joe’s Pacific Highlands Ranch. They quickly set up tables and shade to display the food like a gorgeous farmers’ market. Guests from the hosting residential complex, as well as anywhere nearby, are invited to take what they need to put healthy food in their homes for their families and neighbors.

Participants at the fresh food distribution event.
Participants at the fresh food distribution event.
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92130 Cares third annual Thanksgiving meal sponsorship event will begin soon. This event connects neighbors in need of support for their holiday celebrations with neighbors who have support to give. Recipients must live in 92130. More information will be posted on the Cares website and Facebook soon.

Keep sowing the seeds of love, neighbors. Get your class, team, club or troop of young leaders involved in this amazing grass-roots organization. To find out how you can contribute to, take action with or benefit from the assistance of 92130 Cares visit its website www.92130Cares.org or join its Facebook group 92130Cares.