CCA student’s unique artwork benefits Salk Institute

Salk scientist Eiman Azim with CCA senior Nathan Benhaim.
Salk scientist Eiman Azim with CCA senior Nathan Benhaim.
(Yamia Benhaim)

Canyon Crest Academy senior Nathan Benhaim paired his passions for NFTs (non-fungible tokens), science and philanthropy to create a unique fundraiser for the Salk Institute of Biological Science in La Jolla.

Nathan has been a student intern at the Eiman Azim Lab at the Salk Institute since 2020. The Azim Lab at Salk explores how the nervous system controls skilled movements. In Azim’s lab, Nathan helps research how mammalian neural circuit movements are learned, planned and executed. The work can help clarify how disease or injury disrupts normal movement and pave the way for improved treatments and cures.

While working in Azim’s lab, Nathan took the initiative to spearhead his own fundraiser, creating NFT artwork inspired by neuroscience imagery. Through the project, Nathan raised $6,000 to further support the unique science being performed at Salk.

“Nathan is as good as they get,” said Azim. “There seems to be no end to his energy and talents, and I am eager to see how he applies and expands his skills in college.”