Sage Canyon Moms’ Club helps school parents stay connected

The Sage Canyon Moms' Club.
(Adriana Bade)

Most elementary schools have a Parent Teacher Association that is responsible for coordinating and organizing school functions, fundraising and managing budgets. Sage Canyon Elementary School also has a Moms’ Club that focuses on fostering a strong parent community through social events and charity work.

Founder and organizer Adriana Bade started the Moms’ Club in August 2021. It originally began with moms circulating a WhatsApp group link—the club has now grown to 250 members.

The Moms' Club at a community service event.
(Adriana Bade)

“The Sage Canyon Moms’ Club has been a phenomenal way to integrate ourselves in the school, community and with other families,”
said mom Alise Civello, who moved to San Diego from the Bay Area in 2020. “It’s been invaluable to have a forum to connect with fellow moms, share common questions about our kids and the community, and meet at social events and activities.”

Within the club, moms swap suggestions about camps, tutoring services, local companies, doctor referrals and hand me downs.

The moms typically gets together every one to two months to socialize, at places like Crust, Fairbanks Ranch Country Club and Pacific Social. The club has also hosted several events throughout the school year including a Halloween costume party, an ugly sweater contest and food sorting at the San Diego Food Bank.

“We like to have fun and keep the group engaged,” said Bade, who has even organized raffles and swag bags at the gatherings. “Our Moms’ Club is one of the reasons that makes Sage Canyon Elementary school so great.”

The Sage Canyon Moms' Club
(Adriana Bade)