Local mom builds inspiring community with Good Vibes Carmel Valley

The Good Vibes Carmel Valley crew at the April meet-up.
(Good Vibes Carmel Valley)

Carmel Valley resident Chhavi Vishal founded Good Vibes Carmel Valley with mothers in mind. With her monthly mom meet-ups, she wants everyone to feel welcome and that they belong to a beautiful community.

The importance of feeling connected is something Vishal greatly values. She moved to San Diego from India in 2007 for a job change, a huge move for her family with an 18-month-old in tow. It was lonely and challenging, navigating life in a new country—she found it incredibly hard to make friends.

She became a part of the local First Generation Moms group, whose very name resonated with her, the immigrant moms in the group were going through many of the same experiences and struggles. It helped to have a friend and a community.

Her group Good Vibes was formed during another time of loneliness for many—during those isolated days of the pandemic, in October 2020. Since they couldn’t meet socially, the group of mothers came together and started chatting on WhatsApp and then a private Facebook group. Once things began opening up again, the group started meeting in Carmel Valley parks.

What began as 25 women at the start has now grown to about 200 members.

“The Good Vibes community grew organically, people naturally gravitated to the inclusive, empowering, supportive and welcoming vibe,” Vishal said. “It’s wonderful to see people coming together to share their joy and happiness.”

The Good Vibes moms meet monthly for meet ups with occasional family gatherings, like this year’s popular celebrations for the Holi and Divali holidays.

It is a multi-generational group with attendees ranging from 17 to 70. It’s ok if you want to share a lot, Vishal said, it’s ok if you’re quiet. It’s a simple meet up, no agendas, nothing to sell, no sign-ups: “You just show up if you can. It’s a very inclusive vibe.”

Her hope is that the meet-ups lead to positive connections and lasting friendships.

The Good Vibes group at their colorful Holi celebration.
(Good Vibes Carmel Valley)

The next Good Vibes Carmel Valley meet up will be a Mother’s Day celebration on Saturday, May 13 from 3-5 p.m. at Carmel Creek Park The get-together will feature a surprise guest speaker who teaches parents how to create nuero-emotional moments of connection with their children and grandchildren that help build a strong brain foundation of positive self worth for lasting happiness and wellbeing. Attendees are encouraged to wear florals or pastels.

This will be the last meet-up before summer when Good Vibes will hold an end-of-summer picnic in August.

“My vision for Good Vibes is to continue to build a community that is kind, respectful, helpful, inclusive, empowering and uplifting,” Vishal said. “At Good Vibes, we believe ‘We rise by lifting others’.”

To learn more, contact chhavi.goodvibes@gmail.com or find them on Facebook at Good Vibes.