Scenthound brings new dog grooming concept to Piazza Carmel in Carmel Valley

Cara Sun and Percy Palomar owners of Scenthound.
(Ruff Media)

On May 6, husband and wife team Percy Palomar and Cara Sun will celebrate the grand opening of their new dog care and grooming business Scenthound. Pets and their people can find the new business in Piazza Carmel, next to Pavilions and schedule appointments starting May 8

“We are following our entrepreneurial dreams and our passion for dogs by opening up an emerging national franchise grooming concept in Carmel Valley,” said Sun.

Palomar is a Mira Mesa native and Navy veteran, and Sun is a UC San Diego grad who has been living in San Diego for over 15 years. Pet parents to two dogs, they hope to fill a niche in the dog grooming market, being really focused on the overall health of the hound and making sure all dogs are clean, healthy and well-cared for.

“We don’t do specialty cuts or anything fancy, we’re very functional,” said Sun of the essential care offered to furry family members.

The Scenthound concept started in Jupiter, Fla., and began franchising in 2018. It has since grown to 80 stores under development across the country—Cara and Percy’s is the first to open in San Diego and second in the state of California.

The “Scent” in the name stands for skin, coat, ears, nails and teeth.

The goal is to be an easy, affordable and convenient solution for every dog’s routine care. A monthly subscription includes a monthly bath, ear cleaning, nail grinding and teeth brushing -- the basic hygiene essentials every dog needs regardless of breed or size. They also offer more breed-specific services such as de-shedding treatments.

Scenthound has an app for dog parents to conveniently book and manage their appointments. The membership also includes a 24/7 virtual vet access through the Scenthound app where dog parents can access a veterinarian for any health issues before making a costly emergency room visit.

Owner education is big part pf the Scenthound model. At the end of every visit, each dog will receive a “Scent” check—a wellness report card for the dog parents of how their pup did in the categories of skin, coat, ears, nails, teeth, anal glands and and body condition. The check also helps staff to better understand each dog’s individual needs and helps flag any issues earlier rather than later.

With an eye on opening, they have been successful so far in staffing experienced groomers and caregivers as well as those looking to step up over time and build a career: “Our motto is one pack,” said Sun.

As Talmadge area residents, Cara and Percy are new to Carmel Valley and they love the sense of community and how welcoming everyone has been.

Sun has also greatly enjoyed become a part of the dog community, meeting with organizations like Rancho Coastal Humane Society, local rescues and fellow dog specialty businesses that share her company’s values. Even while under construction, they held an adoption event with Carmel Valley’s Second Leash on Life rescue and happily found a dog a forever home.

“For me I didn’t really discover how much of a passion this was for me until I started and started making connections with local rescues,” Sun said. “As much as we can, we want to give back.”

Scenthound is located at 3840 Valley Centre Dr #601. Visit