Floral photo opp now blooming at One Paseo

One Paseo's flower display by Native Poppy.
(One Paseo)

One Paseo has partnered with local flower shop, Native Poppy, to bring a new Insta-worthy photo opportunity to Carmel Valley.

One Paseo’s signature Studebaker truck has been transformed into a floral display with silk flowers spilling out of the hood, windows and bed of the truck. Parked in front of the firepit at One Paseo, it makes for the perfect backdrop for photos.

The floral pop-up will be on display through July 17 before it gets moved to its next location at Carmel Valley’s Copa Vida coffee shop on 3661 Valley Centre Drive.

The floral pop-up in One Paseo's Studebaker truck.
(One Paseo)