Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce holds ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the Grand Opening of BluLite Bonfires

Participants at the BluLite Bonfires ribbon- cutting event held June 22.
(Akemi Falcom)

The Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce welcomed BluLite Bonfires to the community on June 22. BluLite Bonfires is a family owned and operated service, offering thoughtfully curated memorable beach experiences.

At the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony
At the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony: BluLite Bonfire co-founders Doch Ramirez (COO) and Rey Contreras (CEO).
(Akemi Falcon)

In the summer of 2019, BluLite Bonfires began digging and building wood-burning bonfire experiences for locals and tourists alike. The following summer, the world came to a pause as the Covid-19 pandemic forced months of minimal human contact in public areas. As the weeks turned into months the BluLite brothers began to notice the local shorelines looking more pristine than ever before. As the world changed, so did the BluLite brothers’ motives. This sparked their vision to create cleaner, brighter bonfires for beach dwellers to enjoy, responsibly for years to come.

The BluLite brothers listened as community members voiced their concerns about unsafe bonfire practices and the hazardous materials left behind. By replacing firewood with propane tanks, along with other traditional bonfire amenities with durable eco conscious substitutes, they are committed to creating memorable beach experiences that help to improve and sustain the beach community now and in the future.

BluLite Bonfires offers thoughtfully curated memorable beach experiences.
BluLite Bonfires offers thoughtfully curated memorable beach experiences.
(Akemi Falcon)

Depending on the event size, the BluLite team will thoroughly assemble an event plan meeting your specific needs and proper pollution cleaning radii. They provide pre and post-event setups and beach cleans, while also tracking the amount of pollution they collect at each event. They then take the time to upload all their data to their pollution map, as way to hold themselves accountable for their individual beach events.

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