High school students donate art supplies to Castle Park Elementary

Arts4AllKids Vice President Lina Chang
(L-R) Arts4AllKids Vice President Lina Chang, President Kate Lee, Castle Park Principal Alicia Flores, and Castle Park School Counselor Jose Hernandez stand behind several boxes of art supplies on the afternoon of Aug. 11.
(Sewoong Lee)

When Castle Park Elementary School revealed that they specifically needed more art supplies for their student artists, Arts4AllKids, founded by Canyon Crest Academy sophomore Kate Lee, donated over $900 worth of new art supplies to the school on Aug. 11, according to a news release.

In the summer of 2022, Kate founded Arts4AllKids to expand the accessibility of art to all children. “I have always loved art. Art has allowed me to stay positive during difficult times and express my creativity,” she said in the news release. Wanting to provide the same benefits of art to children throughout her community, Kate donated to Monarch School, a school for homeless and low-income families in downtown San Diego as her first project.

In the spring of 2023, she expanded her organization by recruiting Lina Chang, a Del Norte freshman. Kate said, “I was excited about the impact the two of us could make with our collective drive to help others.”

The final result of the mango tarts sold for the bake sale.
The final result of the mango tarts sold for the bake sale.
(Sewoong Lee)

The duo raised $941 over the summer through donations and a bake sale of mango tarts. Using the funds, they purchased 12 boxes of art supplies consisting of sketchbooks, canvases, markers, and crayons to provide for the students’ creative needs. Kate recalled, “I’ve never felt more proud of what I was doing. I did not expect to see such gratitude and excitement from the school staff. I am so happy that we could make a meaningful impact on our community.”

Kate hopes to recruit more volunteers and donors to further expand Arts4AllKids. She said, “With the power and support of more people who are passionate about art, I am sure that we can expand our impact even further. I hope that one day, we can provide art opportunities to underprivileged children around the world.”

For more information, visit the website arts4allkids.org or contact Kate at katelee@arts4allkids.org.