Stop pain without painkillers at Genuine Care Physical Therapy

Eunjin “Jina” Kang (left) and Dr. Youngsun Kim

At Genuine Care Physical Therapy, you won’t find a prescription pad or medication vials anywhere in sight. Dr. Youngsun Kim, founder and CEO, doesn’t believe in painkillers, injections or surgeries. He believes in the natural healing power of the body.

Kim founded Genuine Care Physical Therapy just one year ago to help people make better health decisions and to guide them away from what he calls “invasive interventions.” Along with his wife, Jina, who serves as co-founder and CFO of the practice, Kim operates an independent clinic and is not affiliated with a medical center, a medical group or a doctor’s office. He says 95 percent of his patients are self-referred.

Kim said he believes that what sets his clinic apart from others is that he and his wife, who are 100 percent board-certified orthopedic specialists, deliver the therapy services -- not assistants, aides or technicians. Kim also believes education and information are crucial aspects of health and well-being that the medical profession generally lacks.

“It is heartbreaking to see the lack of guidance and the misinformation that has caused so many preventable problems in our society, such as the opioid epidemic, increasing disability rates from back pain, and more,” Kim said.

Kim and his wife, Jina, started out by providing educational materials to the general public through different media outlets. Then potential patients started to contact them. The couple began offering free phone consultations and in-person, 20-minute “discovery sessions” to figure out if someone was a good candidate for their treatment methods.

“After a thorough physical examination and finding out the root cause of the problem, we create a plan, figuring out what to do and explaining how long we think the recovery process will be,” Kim said. “Then the patient can choose if they want to begin their journey to long-lasting recovery with us.”

Kim’s methods are simple and straightforward, but they’re not quick fixes. He describes his treatment as holistic and long-term.

“Finding the root cause of a problem and treating it with natural, manual therapy and individualized exercises, rather than doing temporary patchwork treatment with medications and injections, is the key to recovery,” Kim said. “Medical professionals should take enough time to examine a patients’ problems thoroughly from a multidimensional perspective -- physical, mental, spiritual and habitual -- so that they can recover permanently. Each patient should receive the absolute best care that fits their needs while changing their bad habits.”

Patient Judy Walker from Torrey Hills was suffering from low back pain when she went in to Genuine Care Physical Therapy. “Jina was my therapist and she was amazing,” Judy says. “She spent time testing to find the problem, then used manual manipulation to work on my back and gave me exercises to do at home. After three weeks, I feel terrific!”

Another patient, Richard Luck, came to Kim after trying dozens of other options that didn’t work.

“I was having sciatica pain on the right side of my leg,” Luck said. “I went through 25 to 30 treatments of physical therapy, acupuncture, guided epidurals and finally surgery for more than two years. I came to Dr. Kim not knowing if he could help me or not. I felt after three weeks with him and Jina, my pain has lessened and I knew why this was happening to me. I feel that Dr. Kim’s approach is totally different from other physical therapists. He goes through a more thorough assessment of where the pain is and customizes a cure. I live in Rancho Santa Fe and there are closer places I can go, but after a few appointments, I now find it worth it to drive farther for this great treatment.”

Genuine Care Physical Therapy is located as 12925 El Camino Real, Suite J27, San Diego (Carmel Valley), 92130. You can call them at 858-847-2025 or go to to learn more.

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