Attic Construction evicts rodents from your home and prevents their return


There are few things worse for a homeowner than having visitors decide to stay — especially the four-legged kind like mice and rodents. To eliminate nesting and any future visits, Attic Construction co-owners Yahav Caine and Joseph Sheiner can help.

Their construction team specializes in insulation services and rodent solutions that provide an inventive, nontoxic way to evict undesirable creatures from attics, end their staycation and block their return.

When Caine and Sheiner enter a client’s attic, they look for any openings for mice or rodents. “These creatures can crawl inside a crack the size of a quarter,” Yahav Caine said. “They are very smart animals, so it’s important to close up an entire structure’s openings because if they’ve nested, they know a place has their babies in it, and they’ll return.”

Attic Construction uses up-to-code professional grade sealant and Corning Otis metal screen mesh — the only material rodents can’t chew through — to treat all entry points. Every gap, crack and crevice is sealed while still allowing for maximum natural airflow.

After installation, crew members will return to make sure all the creatures have expired (from starvation), and clear out dead animals and rodent droppings and debris. If necessary, they’ll also pull out all the insulation (including dust, if the roof was replaced) before hauling everything to a dump site.

Their next step is to clean and sanitize the entire attic area using chlorine-based bleach that eliminates any foul-smelling contaminants homeowners may be breathing. “We don’t use anything toxic, so our clients can remain in the home while we’re working,” Caine said.

Caine and Sheiner worked for six years in the Bay Area construction industry before opening San Diego Attic Construction in 2013.

“Our key feature is that we don’t define ourselves as a pest control company, but we do offer solutions like closing up openings wherever pests can enter,” Caine said. “And while there’s no 100-percent guarantee with rodents, our methods provide a good probability that an infestation situation won’t happen again.”

Caine and Sheiner said they take great pride in their quality of work and affordability, and strive to keep their customers satisfied. “There’s nothing better at the end of the day than to hear a client say, ‘Thank you guys for doing this; I didn’t want to crawl in there myself!’”

Attic Construction is at 5519 Claremont Mesa Blvd. Unit 205, San Diego. Call 858-309-4801; visit

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