‘Beautiful You’ offers a variety of cutting edge, anti-aging skincare treatments


For years, Kimberly Ceballos suffered from acne. Now, a licensed medical aesthetician, Ceballos has dedicated her life to helping others feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

“I was so insecure for so many years,” said Ceballos, owner of Beautiful You. “When I started getting skincare, it was like an unveiling.”

Because skincare changed her life, Ceballos set out to transform the lives of others by studying skincare at Poway Academy of Beauty and Spa, now called Bellus Academy. She opened Beautiful You in 2004.

“I named my business ‘Beautiful You’ because I truly think everyone is beautiful,” she said. “I see beauty in everyone, and I want each and every person that walks in here to feel loved and beautiful.”

Located in Carmel Valley, Beautiful You offers a variety of cutting-edge, anti-aging treatments. Blending science and nature, Ceballos treats her clients using advanced technologies and organic products.

One such method is DNA Health Institute’s CryoStem Cell Therapy. The flash frozen serum, which contains fresh stem cells, helps restore skin at the cellular level, Ceballos said. Another popular method, often used in conjunction, is LED Light Therapy, which Ceballos explained was developed by NASA for plant growth experiments and wound treatments.

LED Light Therapy triggers cellular regeneration, collagen, elastin and fibroblast production while eliminating bacteria and reducing inflammation. Although a “healthy glow” is visible after one session, multiple sessions help reduce acne, pore size, redness, scars and wrinkles, she said.

“A lot of treatments that we do today, we started off treating wounds,” Ceballos said. “We found that anything that helps to heal the skin, helps the cells to rejuvenate, will also be anti-aging.”

Other Beautiful You services include diamond microdermabrasion, vibradermabrasion, cryotherapy, broken capillary removals, age spot removals, skin peels, facials, and more.

“I love to be able to deliver really amazing results,” Ceballos said.

Having started her career as a massage therapist 20 years ago, Ceballos incorporates massage therapy, relaxing music and other techniques to make her clients comfortable. Ceballos never leaves the room, spending quality, one-on-one time with all her patients, she said.

“For me, it’s about quality, not quantity,” said Ceballos, who studied massage therapy at Mueller College of Holistic Studies. She still works as a massage therapist, specializing in trigger point therapy and neuromuscular therapy.

“I spend a lot of time with each client.”

With business growing, Ceballos recently expanded Beautiful You, opening a new, larger location at the same office building.

“I’m not here just to make a buck,” Ceballos said. “I really want to make a difference.”

Beautiful You is located at 12264 El Camino Real, Suite 115, in Carmel Valley. For more information, call 619-708-7822 or visit beautiful-you-skincare.com.

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