Prepare to be floored by store-closing sale at Golden Rugs Gallery


Interior designers know that the choice of floor covering in a home is critical for the look, feel and ambiance of the space. An area rug, for example, can set the tone for the color palette and the aesthetic of everything else in a room.

Keenly aware of this design strategy is Houchang “Michael” Mikaeli, founder of Golden Rugs Gallery. His store — established in 1992 and located at 7160 Miramar Road, Suite 126 in San Diego — maintains a large variety of high-quality area rugs that cater to every design aspect of a home’s interior, whether the approach is contemporary, decorative, tribal or antique.

His family has been involved in the rug business for three generations, so Golden Rugs’ knowledge of all aspects of the rug manufacturing business runs deep.

As much as he is passionate about rugs, Mikaeli above all values his clientele. When people come into the store they are given a brief history of all the rugs. “There is a story to each one,” said Mikaeli.

As the family patriarch, Mikaeli has devoted much of his life to the rug industry and along the way has educated his son and daughters about the business.

After being in the family business since 1968, Mikaeli recently decided to retire and soon Golden Rugs will end its decades-long lease at its main gallery headquarters.

The business, however, will continue to operate at 7190 Miramar Road, suite 101-105, under the stewardship of son Jason Mikaeli.

Customers will benefit from a rare opportunity to get the best deals possible before the store closes. With a huge inventory to move, Mikaeli stated, “Don’t be shy, give us your offer!”

The Mikaeli family, Christians of Kurdish-Chaldean descent, originate from the Middle Eastern city of Bidjar in the Kurdistan Province of Iran, long-famed for its exquisite rugs.

The entire family has been involved in the rug business for three generations. Youhana Mikaeli began making rugs in Bidjar in 1945. He naturally passed his knowledge of rugs on to his son Houchang.

Following the end of the Shah era in Iran, Mikaeli moved with his wife, Samiran, and their three children — Jason, Jessica and Jennifer — to Denmark in 1980 where he continued in the rug business. In 1992, he relocated his family to San Diego where he established Golden Rugs Gallery.

Ken Khoury has been collecting Persian rugs for more than 50 years, inheriting a number from his own family and purchasing many from Golden Rugs. “I have come in contact with many rug dealers through the years and without question the Mikaeli family has been the best of them all by far,” he said.

“They are generous and highly knowledgeable and take a sincere interest in their clients and their needs. They never pressure and as such create long-term relationships,” Khoury said.

The family has experience in all kinds of Oriental rugs, pay top dollar for trade-in rugs, provide financing, offer free shipping out-of-state, provide storage and carry modern and antique kilims.

Besides dealing in rugs, the Mikaeli family has expertise in cleaning and repairing, as well as appraising rugs and educating clients about a rug’s origins.

“It’s important that clients understand the levels of workmanship as well as how rugs differ from one region of the world to another in both quality and design,” Mikaeli explained.

“We feel it is essential to inform our clients about various rugs when they make their purchase, because the more informed the client, the easier it will be to find the right rug for their needs,” he added.

Khoury had praise for the Mikaeli family’s honesty and integrity. “They give you a straight and reliable explanation,” he said. “These traits are not often found in this business and I cannot more highly recommend the family and their establishment.”

To take advantage of the store-closing sale at Golden Rugs Gallery, visit the showroom at 7160 Miramar Road, Suite #126, San Diego. Call 858-578-8784 for information or visit