La Jolla Wellness Studio employs unique techniques

Innovation and space-program technology set the La Jolla Wellness Studio worlds apart from other health clubs. In its new state-of-the-art facility in downtown La Jolla, the studio provides a wellness program that promotes the health of body, mind and spirit and appears more like a futuristic spa than a gym.

It’s not only high-tech, but efficient, too. The studio offers a unique 30-minute workout — with a personal trainer — that’s equivalent to 100 minutes of weight training, 60 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of stretching in a single session, said Michelle Racine, the studio’s managing director.

“One of the machines we use was the type used by NASA astronauts when they orbited the Earth for a couple of years so that they didn’t lose their lean body mass,” Racine explained.

Workouts using the patent-pending MyoMetrix Method Workout begin with an optional treatment of the i-Lipo Ultra Laser, which emits low levels of laser energy. This naturally breaks down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are then transported to the tissues that will use them during exercise.

Next is 10 minutes of vertical vibration therapy, which increases production of human growth hormone, serotonin and endorphins while it lowers cortisol and lactic acid. It decreases cellulite, tightens skin and relieves menopausal symptoms while increasing metabolism, reducing body fat and relieving stress.

Then it’s on to the Range of Motion machine, for high-intensity four-minute interval training that boasts the same results as 45 minutes of cardio and weight training combined.

Workouts conclude with a 10- to 15-minute horizontal vibration recovery, calibrating metabolism for optimal fat loss and lean muscle mass building.

“This also does tremendous things for skin and vascular flow,” said Racine. “Guys who go on it have reported that they don’t need to take Viagra anymore.”

Gene Barduson is the founder of this unique MyoMetrix Method Workout. Aiming to stay healthy after a cancer diagnosis, Barduson wanted to invent something to reverse the aging process and keep himself fit.

“So he put this very high-tech system together for himself and friends at his country club,” said Racine of the inspiration for La Jolla Wellness.

“His friends started having miraculous things happen, like not needing to take high blood pressure medication and having the best golf game in their life,” said Racine. “Women in their 70s were able to play four sets of tennis, and they started to look younger.”

In fact, Racine was a client before she became managing director. A dancer, she used the method to help alleviate the aches and pains that often come with rigorous exercise.

The method breaks down lactic acid, reduces cortisol levels and erases depression. “I couldn’t believe how great I felt,” Racine commented.

Word of the La Jolla Wellness Studio has even traveled to the medical school at Western Oregon University. “They are so fascinated by our patented process that they are doing an 18-month study to see what all the health benefits are,” said Racine.

The studio offers massage, Reiki healing, acupuncture, hypnosis, vitamin IV, stretch and mediation classes and intellectual and fun lectures and more. Also available are at-home cooking instruction, an in-house chef and nutritionist, and clients may order locally-grown organic produce.

Pricing is competitive and several specially-priced packages are available for weight loss, detoxification, anti stress and improved libido and anti-aging.

Visit or call 858-444-0340 to learn more about La Jolla Wellness Studio, its unique methods, pricing and special packages. The studio is located at 7580 Fay Ave., Suite 103, La Jolla.

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