SpaBlue offers ‘green’ features to soothe the environment as well as your body


If North County residents are looking more relaxed these days, it’s probably because they’ve been spending time at SpaBlue, the gorgeous new day spa at the Flower Hill Promenade.

Emma Hughes and her husband, Tom, bought the former Spa Gregorie’s location in September after moving to Rancho Santa Fe from England, and they’ve already transformed it into a true oasis for mind, body and soul.

“We chose the name because blue is my favorite color,” admitted Hughes. “I love the feelings of peace, tranquility, healing, serenity and calm the color evokes, and I hope we instill those in each guest during their visit. Also, blue symbolizes water and the ocean, which we’re lucky to have so near to our beautiful location.”

It’s hard not to immediately feel a sense of calm when you walk into the spa, change into your robe and melt into cozy lounge seating in the quiet waiting room. You can help yourself to a healthy snack and a cup of tea while you anticipate the knots in your muscles miraculously disappearing.

“Massage is, unquestionably, our most popular treatment,” said Hughes. “With the busy lives we all lead, massage is so beneficial in helping to release stress and negative energy. Massage therapy also helps to improve sleep, boost the immune system and reduce aches in the body. It is a wonderful treatment for anyone.”

SpaBlue’s signature treatment, “The Best of Both,” combines a full-body massage with an express facial for 90 minutes of head-to-toe pampering. Because you don’t have to get up between treatments, you can hold on to that blissful feeling without disruption.

“By combining the two treatments into one package, guests are able to enjoy both a massage and a facial without wasting time being passed to a different therapist,” explained Hughes. “This is especially helpful for those whose schedules are tight and who may be trying to fit in a treatment during lunch or between conference workshops.”

Although SpaBlue features all kinds of traditional treatments from peels and wraps to manicures and pedicures, they add their own special touch to each one — along with a variety of hand-picked products.

“We are in the process of making our menu more and more customized to each individual guest,” said Hughes. “That way, they can simply book the amount of time they would like with the therapist of their choice, who can advise and perform the services that are best suited to their needs. I believe this to be quite unique.”

Hughes’ own personal favorite treatment is the Radiance Facial from Arcona which, she says, “leaves my skin feeling amazing and with a healthy glow.” It’s even accompanied by a soothing foot massage.

Just as significant to her as the treatments the spa provides, however, is the mission to be eco-friendly and socially conscious.

In other words, SpaBlue is green.

“It’s very important to me, as a person who lives on this earth and as the mother of two children, to make sure the wonder and beauty of our world is still there for generations to come,” she said. “There is so much that can be done, and we want to do our part to protect our environment.”

According to Hughes, every business decision will be made from an eco-friendly point of view, and SpaBlue is putting its money where its mouth is by supporting suppliers that provide natural products and share its environmentally conscious philosophy, reducing and recycling the amount of paper printed out, and using non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products and recycled, compostable cups.

You can find a long — and impressive — list of SpaBlue’s green initiatives on their website.

“We want SpaBlue to be a responsible global citizen as well as a vital participant in our own neighborhood,” said Hughes, “so we are working with local businesses to partner together and support the community.”

It’s Hughes’ goal to make SpaBlue the high-end day spa of choice for local residents as well as visitors to this area.

“Flower Hill has so many unique shops and lovely restaurants, it’s easy to incorporate a spa visit into a trip to the mall,” said Hughes. “Imagine a day at SpaBlue with lunch and some shopping, either alone or with friends. What could be better?”

SpaBlue is at 2710 Via De La Valle, Suite B-270 in Del Mar. Call 858-481-6672 or visit

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