Casa Palmera cares for people from around the world at Del Mar treatment center

For more than a decade, Casa Palmera has cared for people from around the United States, as well as outside the U.S. According to Chief Executive Officer Barbara Woods, Casa Palmera is the result of the vision of the owner, Dr. Lee Johnson. It was his vision and his passion to be able to give back to the community by providing a service that was not available at the time.

Founded in June 2005, Casa Palmera provides treatment to individuals and their family members suffering from eating disorders, mood disorders, substance abuse and emotional trauma to include ptsd.

The 37,800-square-foot facility, which is licensed for 93 beds, had previously functioned as a skilled nursing facility for approximately 20 years.

Today, Casa Palmera enjoys a reputation in the health care industry for treating individuals suffering from co-occurring disorders on a national basis. The addiction treatment program is grounded in the 12 steps of AA, complemented by a host of holistic treatment techniques. Comprehensive treatment plans are individualized for patients that incorporate medical, psychological, lifestyle and mind-body support.

“Patients treatment plans are individualized based on the admitting diagnosis,” Woods said.

She explained that a masters level clinician or registered nurse assesses new patients during the admissions process to begin the information gathering process. During the first week of treatment, the patient works with his or her treating physician and clinician to develop a personalized treatment plan.

“They will set goals and objectives,” Woods added. “Part of that is going to be what they want to accomplish while they are in treatment, how long they anticipate being in treatment and what they will continue to work on in outpatient treatment or aftercare after they discharge.

Patients are asked to commit to a minimum treatment stay of 30 days, if possible, since research shows that longer length of stay supports better outcomes; however, length of stay is variable and voluntary. The average length of stay is 40-45 days.

Additionally, Casa Palmera offers a full continuum of care to include residential, partial hospital or day treatment from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; intensive outpatient day or evening for three hours a day, and weekly after care group on Tuesday evenings. Treatment at all levels of care includes a biopsychosocial assessment, individual and group therapy sessions, educational lectures, family program, psychiatric evaluation and follow up in addition to the holistic components of treatment like yoga, medication, neuro/bio feedback with brain mapping, nutritional counseling, massage therapy and acupuncture to name a few.

Casa Palmera enjoys “in network” status with the majority of health care plans. This reduces the cost of receiving services significantly and opens the door for those individuals who could not receive treatment at all if unable to use their health insurance, according to Woods.

“I’ve worked at a number of facilities around the United States,” Woods said. “Our staff is filled with passion. That passion is what makes us successful. I truly think the thing that sets us apart is the quality of our staff. It is just exceptional across the board.

Casa Palmera is located at 14750 El Camino Real in Del Mar. For more information, call 888-481-4481 or 858-481-4411, or visit

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