‘Magic hands’ are very real for clients of Solana Beach massage therapist


Licensed massage therapist Juan Reque has been told by his clients that he has magic hands.

His unique personal touch has been relieving chronic pain for his professional and amateur athlete clientele for 20 years; but rather than magic, his expertise has been developed and honed from solid training, world travel, and experience with a roster of top-ranking professional tennis players, he said.

For five years, from 2008 through 2013, Reque worked with professional tennis player Maria Sharapova. After her surgery, Reque provided post-operative therapies that have kept Sharapova in top physical condition and pain-free.

She is an avid client and a strong supporter of Reque’s work. “There is nobody who knows my body better than Juan Reque, and this is really important when you have a busy schedule and you have to prevent injuries,” stated Sharapova.

Reque’s connection with Sharapova stemmed from his work as a trainer for the Association of Tennis Professionals. In this capacity, Reque traveled for five years with the Spanish Davis Cup team, setting up a service network to deal with injury prevention and treatment.

A native of Spain, Reque originally earned his physical therapy and sports science degrees in 1999, but is also licensed in massage therapy, European physical therapy, and strength and conditioning coaching. He is also an expert in manual therapy, a fact that sets him apart from other physical therapists, he said.

“My typical client is someone who has chronic pain, most of the time related to sports,” Reque explained. “They might have tennis elbow, shoulder, knee or lower back problems. And several might be getting physical therapy from other places and have not got better. So they come to me, as I have a different approach, and then they find relief.”

Reque uses an innovative hands-on treatment known as Active Release Technique. It is a soft tissue movement-based massage that treats certain tendinopathies and muscle problems.

In a large number of chronic injuries, such as muscle strains or joint pains, the injured area presents scar tissue and limitation of movement. ART uses tension with movement to strip scar tissue from muscles and tendons to regain functionality.

Reque is also able to hone in on the source of the injury. Rather than simply focusing on the presenting physical symptoms, he determines the principal cause of the problem, which often goes undiagnosed. His treatment concentrates on releasing muscle tension, regaining joint mobility and activating muscles.

Two years ago, Reque completed a specialist course in applied kinesiology. He is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has a bachelor’s in sports science and education, strength and conditioning from the University of Madrid, Spain.

But he credits his active experience while on the professional tennis circuit for truly bringing his expertise to a level above that of the average physical therapist. “By traveling all over the world, wherever I was working, I learned a lot from the other trainers,” Reque said.

Recently moved to offices in Solana Beach, Reque treats NFL and college football players, baseball players and professional tennis players and is increasingly treating junior clients with injuries from soccer and other fast-ball sports.

On the flip side of treating injuries, Reque is also able to help prevent them. His injury-free program is a screening and exercise program that helps both those who are involved in sports and those who are not achieve a good functioning of their bodies and locomotor system.

“By doing this, people using the program can prevent or treat injuries, improve their health and, finally, maximize their athletic performance,” Reque said. “I can really evaluate how their muscles are and see if there are some imbalances, and then treat them or recommend exercises to prevent possible injury.”

As a special introductory price, Reque is offering a 55-minute session for the price of a 25-minute session, a $40 saving. Visit www.injuryrecoverymassage.com to learn more about Juan Reque’s Injury Recovery Massage or to book an appointment, or call 844-469-0704. Offices are located at 674 Via de la Valle, #215, Solana Beach.

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