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Solana Highlands Dolphin Dash

Solana Highlands Elementary School held its 8th annual Dolphin Dash Feb. 9 to support the STREAM programs and Discovery Labs at the school. The event was a big success with great participation from the students, teachers, staff and parents.

Dolphon Dash
Chloe Chiu, Derek Chen, Ripley Pokkula, Sam Finkelstein Wei Chen
Dolphin Dash
Breezy Frederick, Jackson Szekeres, Yeti (Adam Rhodes), Lucas Martinez, Jett Taylor Wei Chen
Dolphin Dash
Makaela Sykes, Megan Miller Wei Chen
Dolphin Dash
Madeline James, Jazmyn Modir, Ripley Poukkula Wei Chen
Dolphin Dash
Charlie Lowe, Henry Magalnik Wei Chen
Dolphin Dash
Alex Kruk, Yule Kim Wei Chen
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