ArtPartners connects Del Mar Heights students with artists


Students at Del Mar Heights Elementary School have the opportunity to learn about the work of professional artists through the ArtPartners program, created and coordinated by art teacher Andrew Smith. ArtPartners brings in local artists to speak about their life and artwork. ‘I want to demonstrate to our students that creativity and art in practice is not limited to the classroom or to the world of the art show,’ said Smith. ‘I want students to understand that art is a living, active part of the lives and livelihoods of adults and artists in our community.’ Artists scheduled to visit the program include local painters, sculptors, textile designers, photographers, surfboard designers, and performers. The first artist to participate in 2015 was local watercolorist Mark Sherman, pictured, who spent two afternoons with fifth-graders and showed them a dynamic watercolor technique. Sherman’s work can be seen at the Del Mar Art Center.