Canyon Crest Academy Foundation’s ‘Dollar a Day’ fundraising campaign off and running

Innovation is paving the way for donations at Canyon Crest Academy. The school foundation’s latest campaign is called “A Dollar a Day for CCA” and was promoted at Back to School night. The goal is to receive a minimum contribution of $180 per student, equating to a dollar a day of the academic school year.

CCA Principal Karl Mueller says the foundation provides invaluable school support: “They are able to come in and provide resources to enrich the experiences of every student, each and every day.”

The state of California provides funding to school districts. Unfortunately, the funding only covers teacher salaries, textbooks and some of the maintenance. “When you think about what makes Canyon Crest Academy so special, it’s those enrichment experiences, art and lab consumables, technology and visiting artists,” said Mueller. “Essentially, the little things that make our learning facility feel like a home to our outstanding students are funded by the foundation.”

CCA Foundation Executive Director Joanne Couvrette said, “Each student benefits from our Ravens Fund, which provides computers, lab materials, the College and Career Center, graduation, and much more. Coincidentally, three years ago when we started asking each family for a donation, the amount that we were spending per student from the Ravens Fund was about $180 per student each school year. This year, we decided to name our campaign for what it was, ‘a dollar a day for CCA.’”

Couvrette said revenues have steadily increased for the past four years, since the CCA Foundation expanded its operations and hired a permanent staff.

To date, the foundation has raised a record amount of revenue for the first two months of the fiscal year. However, with the highest student population in school’s history, more is needed to fully fund the school year requests.

Find information on how to donate to the “A Dollar a Day for CCA” program and about the Canyon Crest Academy Foundation at