Del Mar Heights School builds student responsibility with cross-age partnerships

The Kinder Buddies program builds student responsibility and kindness. Courtesy photos

At Del Mar Heights School, a Signature Program known as Kinder Buddies links kindergarteners with sixth-grade partners for the school year. The buddies play together during lunch, share reading together, and enjoy time together at school events.

Kinder Buddies is a long-standing program at Del Mar Heights, and a favorite among both older and younger students. “I love getting to know my Kinder Buddy and helping them get to know our school,” said sixth-grade student Wesley Huggett. His kindergarten buddy smiled and added, “Wesley is a good buddy to me and I love to see him.”

Del Mar Heights Educators celebrate the program as a unifying piece in Del Mar Heights’ vibrant community.

“It is remarkable to see the pride and responsibility of the sixth-grade students when they are with their kindergarten buddies,” said kindergarten teacher Tracy Polivka. “The kindergarteners treasure their older buddies as role models. They actually learn about character and responsibility as they work with them.”

Del Mar Heights’ students are both academically high-achieving and part of a community of learners that practices kindness and responsibility throughout their school. Kinder Buddies is one of many unique programs at Del Mar Heights School that fosters positive character development and community interest.