San Diego Jewish Academy's ‘Butterfly Day’ honors Holocaust’s 1.5M child victims

Zikaron V’Tikvah — “Remembrance and Hope” — was started at San Diego Jewish Academy to memorialize the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust. The program’s centerpiece is the painting of ceramic butterflies that honor the memory of these children.

Feb. 25 was designated as “Butterfly Day” on campus. All lower-school classes also had a guest reader who read books with a common theme: “appreciation of differences in people.”

The readers followed up with discussions about the stories, and also discussed:

• Comparisons between butterflies and comparisons between people;

• Connections between people and butterflies;

• How being different is unique, special, and enriches all of our lives;

• That even children can make a difference when someone is treated unfairly;

• That although the butterflies are unique in some way, they are all beautiful, and butterflies are a symbol of freedom because they can fly wherever they want to go;

• That although children are unique in some way, they all have the same needs and are beautiful.

Afterward, all of the lower-school children and their parents each painted a ceramic butterfly to be displayed at the fountain at the Torrey Hills shopping center.

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