San Dieguito district board OKs raise for new executive director position in 3-2 vote

On April 2, the San Dieguito Union High School District Board approved a reclassification of the district’s director of planning services to executive director of planning services. The new class description comes with a change in salary schedule, and trustees John Salazar and Mo Muir voted against a $23,000 raise, which would bring the director’s salary to $140,000 a year.

Superintendent Rick Schmitt said the new classification reflects the job that the director is actually doing — he said the job is unique and hard to fit. Although neither the board nor the superintendent used the employee’s name during the meeting, the director is John Addleman, who has been in the district since 1999.

“For me, what makes this process interesting is that in order for a classified employee to be eligible for reclassification opportunity, they have to work out of their class for two full years,” Schmitt said.

Schmitt said for 23 months, Addleman has been working under-class, doing a “phenomenal amount of work” in finance and planning and working with the Prop AA bond.

“This individual makes the bond program work,” Schmitt said. “I always looked at his salary and thought, ‘I hope he doesn’t leave.’”

Management does not have step-and-column salary increases like other district employees, Schmitt said. Salaries increase as management moves from step one through four, and once they reach the fourth step, their salary does not increase.

In voting against the raise, Muir said, “Not just one person is working hard,” and that district staff is always going above and beyond. She advised that the district be very careful in giving money away.