First choice for all in San Dieguito district’s high school enrollment lottery

All ninth- through 12th-grade students were accepted into their first-choice schools of Canyon Crest Academy and San Dieguito High School Academy last week.

Michael Grove, assistant superintendent of educational services, said the district was thrilled to be able to accept all students this year.

He reported at the March 19 board meeting that room was found primarily through the hard work of site administrators, who worked to expand capacity by using every space they could on campuses and by reviewing master schedules.

Canyon Crest Academy will have a projected enrollment of 2,329 in the fall. The school has an enrollment of 1,900 after starting the year with just under 2,000. A total of 857 new students were accepted into the freshman class, and it is projected to start the school year with 729 students.

Projected enrollment uses a formula that takes into account some level of attrition, Grove said: Some accepted students may never register, and some may register and not show up.

CCA also saw 44 new students accepted into 10th grade, 47 into 11th grade and 21 joined the senior class.

San Dieguito is projected to have an enrollment of 1,897 with a freshman class of 535.

A total of 601 new enrollees were accepted into ninth grade, and classes grew at all grade levels: 43 students were added to 10th grade, 56 new students in 11th grade and 23 into the 12th grade.

Torrey Pines High will have a projected enrollment of 2,606. The district enrolled 495 new students to the freshman class and is projecting to start the school year with a freshman class of 623.

This fall, La Costa Canyon is projected to have the lowest enrollment of the four high schools, with 1,827 students. The school saw a total of 382 new enrollees to the freshman class and it is projected to start the school year with a class of 448.

Nearly 600 students participated in the district’s middle school intra-district transfer program, and all were accepted into their choice schools.

“We were even able to accept students to Carmel Valley Middle School for the first time in over a decade,” Grove said, noting that there was room at the school because of the opening of Pacific Trails Middle School this fall.

Grove said they are projecting Pacific Trails to have an opening enrollment of 237 students.

As they continue to look at the best ways to enroll high school students, the district plans to hold more workshops with elementary school families in April. A survey is expected to go out to parents in late April or early May, with staff expected to present options to the board by early summer.