San Dieguito district enrollment input continues this summer

At the May 21 board meeting, San Dieguito Union High School District Superintendent Rick Schmitt said he would like to have some direction from the board on how the district enrolls high school students by the end of this summer.

If any substantial change is made to the enrollment process, Schmitt said that the district needs to begin work by December 2015 to be ready by the 2016-17 school year.

A survey will be sent out in the first week of June to district parents and elementary school feeder district parents. Over the summer, Associate Superintendent of Educational Services Mike Grove will compile all of the information received in the survey, as well as from public workshops held earlier this year. Another public workshop will be held in August, and at that point, Schmitt would like to hear a discussion and recommendation from the school board.

With the district’s current enrollment practice, San Dieguito High School Academy and Canyon Crest Academy are open boundary schools. If a situation occurs where more students select a school than there are available seats, the district decides who gets in through a random lottery. No preference is given to proximity.

All ninth- through 12th-grade students were accepted into their first-choice schools of Canyon Crest and San Dieguito this year, primarily because site administrators worked to expand capacity by using every space possible on campuses and by reviewing master schedules.

The options for the district are: boundaries for all schools; eliminating all boundaries; a mix of boundary and non-boundary schools (the current situation); small boundaries around each academy and small boundaries around each school; and no boundaries for the rest of the district.

Grove said the challenge with the survey is getting informed feedback.

“There is a general recognition that each option is going to leave some people unhappy,” Grove said. “It’s about making a decision about what’s best for the greatest number of students that we can.”