Solana Beach School District recognizes inspiring students

The Solana Beach School District recognized dozens of inspiring students during the May 19 school board meeting.

Every year staff selects students to receive the district’s Student Inspiration Award for academic- or self-improvement, community service, courage, effort, fellowship or leadership.

“This is truly one of our favorite events of the year,” Superintendent Terry Decker said.

This year, Solana Pacific School’s fourth grader Annabella Kolb, fifth grader Iris Liang and sixth grader Amelie Sagan earned awards.

Solana Santa Fe School’s kindergartener Milana Kelley, first grader Evan Filipovic, second grader Jacob Davis, third grader Carson Baldwin, fourth grader Sydney Parker, fifth grader Austin Gill and sixth grader Edgar Cervantes received awards.

Skyline School’s fourth grader Grace Driscoll, fifth grader Trinity Phillips, and sixth graders Robert Bednar and Lorelei Meunier were recognized.

The district also recognized Solana Vista School’s kindergartener Rihanna Durrett, first grader Dominik Mendoza Linares, second grader Bryan Espana and third grader Andrew Avila.

Solana Highlands School’s kindergartener Asher Keating, first graders Benjamin and Brandon Katzke, second grader Ana Marina Maldonado Altilio and third grader Emma Tsukada earned awards.

Carmel Creek School’s transitional kindergartener Owen Zhong, kindergartener Anderson Wallace, first grader Ariana Entezam, second grader Nayeon “Alicia” Kim and third grader Aiden Sykes received awards.

Finally, Solana Ranch School’s kindergartener Amanda Ljung, first grader, Likhita Chava, second grader Angel Aguilar, third grader Amelia Knapp, fourth grader Olivia Stettner, fifth grader Matthew Quinn and sixth grader Jaden Mazzoni were recognized during the board meeting.

Students walked onto Solana Pacific School’s theater with their teachers as their principals proudly explained why each student was selected to receive their award.

“We couldn’t do the job we do without your support,” said Decker, who thanked parents and then staff. “Our staff is truly inspirational.”