Solana Beach School District sends off superintendent with praise, gratitude


After more than three years with the Solana Beach School District, Superintendent Nancy Lynch bid farewell to board members, staff, parents and students during the June 25 board meeting.

Lynch has returned to Northern California to serve as superintendent of a Bay Area school district. Her last day with the district was Tuesday, June 30. Terry Decker, the district’s former assistant superintendent of instructional services, started as superintendent on Wednesday, July 1.

“I just thank you all so much for the wonderful opportunities that you’ve given me,” said Lynch, who now serves as superintendent of Reed Union School District. “It’s been an absolute pure delight.”

Lynch joined the Solana Beach School District in April 2012.

Under Lynch’s leadership, the district transitioned to Common Core State Standards and championed STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) through STREAM-centered Discovery Labs.

In the fall, the district opened its seventh school, Solana Ranch Elementary School in Pacific Highlands Ranch.

“Nancy was taken away a little too early from us,” said board member Richard Leib. “I was part of the group that selected Nancy. There were a lot of good, qualified candidates, but we felt that she had the leadership qualities and a lot of other really great qualities to bring to the district. I think she has shown that very much.”

With thanks and a few tears, board members presented Lynch with a group gift and several personal presents in a gift basket.

Board member Debra Schade, who also helped bring Lynch on board, said she took the district “to the next level.”

“One of the things that I admire the most is your ability to empower,” said Schade, adding that Lynch has put people in positions that have allowed them to flourish and become leaders in the district.

Other board members thanked Lynch for her personal guidance.

“I have looked my whole life for positive female mentors who lead people in a positive way,” said board president Vicki King. “As a woman my age, it hasn’t always been easy to find. In you, I found that and I’m very thankful.”

The board’s newest member, Holly Lewry, said Lynch helped her “hit the ground running.”

“I have learned so much from you,” added board member Julie Union. “I really appreciate your advice and guidance.”