Long-awaited Coast View Park opens to the public

Coast View Park is now open for playing, picnicking and to simply enjoy Torrey Hills’ ocean breezes. At a little over an acre in size the new public park sits in between Ocean Air Apartments and Torrey Gardens on East Ocean Air Drive.

After a lengthy process, the fences officially came down around the new park on May 3.

“We’re just so pleased to be here and we’re very proud about what we were able to create,” said Dee Snow, regional director of Garden Communities, the developer of the Torrey Gardens complex.

To complete the project, Garden Communities hired landscape architect David Neault Associates and she was thrilled with how much they were able to do within the small space.

“It really is very, very carefully designed and it’s a beautiful site, hence the name Coast View,” Snow said, noting they also received support from the Torrey Hills Community Planning Board.

In Neault’s estimation, the view can’t be beat—thanks to a clear sound wall, the views out to the bluffs and Torrey Pines State Beach are maintained.

As a nod to the view, Neault stayed close to an ocean-theme with nautical climbing and play equipment complete with seahorse and fish spring riders under a shade structure that resembles a ship’s sails.

“We had a lot of fun,” Neault said of the design process.

The playground includes swings, slides and climbing nets and a mix of sand and soft rubber mat surface. Beyond a grassy area, barbecue pits and picnic tables are clustered together toward the back of the park, with benches under a pretty yellow trellis.

A meandering pathway runs along the perimeter of the park with a HealthBeat fitness circuit. The outdoor exercise equipment along the path includes stations for plyometrics, pull-ups and dips and stretching,

“What I like about it is that it’s attractive for all ages of people,” said Kathryn Burton, chair of the Torrey Hills planning group. “It appeals to a wide aspect of residents in the community and we appreciate that it is public so everyone is welcome. It adds some extra space for everyone.”

The park can be accessed by a main entrance from East Ocean Air and each neighboring community, Ocean Air and Torrey Gardens, has their own entrances via ramps and stairways.

“There’s a need for passive park space that’s just for relaxing in and enjoying,” Burton said. “It’s a perfect addition to the community and I’m really happy about it.”