CV planning board honors departing members

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board said goodbye to three dedicated board members on April 27 with the departure of Chris Moore, Anne Harvey and Victor Manoushakian.

Supervisor Dave Roberts and City Council President Sherri Lightner both honored the board members with proclamations and kind words.

“You’ve done yeoman’s work over the years and I know the community can’t thank you enough,” Roberts said. “A community is only as good as the people in that community want to make it.”

Harvey, a board member for 20 years, came clutching an “ancient” community plan and papers that had yellowed with age. Harvey is as much of a fixture in this community as the native plants in the open space she fought so hard to protect over the years, going as far as “standing in front of bulldozers” on Carmel Mountain. Del Mar Mesa planning board member Lisa Ross said Del Mar Mesa wouldn’t be what it is today without Anne’s efforts.

Carmel Valley board member Ken Farinsky said even when he joined the board for his first term over 10 years ago, Harvey was considered one of the “old timers” even then. He said the board would miss her institutional memory.

“Thank you for that time and service and creating the community we have now,” Farinsky said.

Harvey left the board with some directions to continue on the path she blazed.

“We made a lot of compromises with developers, ‘You can have this but we get to have this.’ We split the baby and it was painful,” Harvey said. “ I want you guys to really guard what we say. Don’t let them try to split the baby again.”

Manoushakian has been on the board for nearly as long as Harvey and has taken care of the business interests in the community. He has been the owner of Highlands Jewelers in Piazza Carmel for 27 years and said it was a “beautiful” honor to have served on the board.

“We went through a lot over the last several years but I’m proud and happy to be a part of this community,” Manoushakian said.

Moore has been on the board since 2011, thoughtfully representing the concerns of his neighbors and bringing environmental expertise.

He thanked CV planning board Chair Frisco White for his leadership and his fellow board members who are doing a “fantastic job” serving Carmel Valley,

“It’s been a great pleasure to be involved in this board and be able to contribute back to our community,” Moore said. “It’s been a great experience.”

Moore will continue to chair the board’s Livability Committee, tasked with finding solutions for park improvements and transportation-related livability and safety issues in the community.