Update: Six seek open seats on Del Mar council

Six people — including two incumbents — will be competing in the November election for three open seats on the Del Mar City Council.

The Union-Tribune Community Press published a story detailing five of the six candidates last week. Councilman Al Corti, who is seeking a second term, was out of town at the time.

“As a member of two different council teams over the last four years and with community support, I felt we accomplished much,” Corti said. “I believe we can do more, and with encouragement and support by many in Del Mar, I am prepared to help finish what we started.”

Corti, who has been a Del Mar resident for more than two decades, was elected to the council in 2012.

During his time on council, Corti said he is proud the council achieved community consensus for the design of city hall and finally started construction after more than 30 years of discussing and analyzing the project.

He is also proud that the council established community priorities through comprehensive citizen surveys, doubling the annual amount the city spends to repair roads as one example, he said. Among other accomplishments, he is proud the council approved the affordable housing element, created the pension reserve fund, established the Business Advisory Committee, and studied the sheriff’s service contract, finding that it “is not in the best interests of Del Mar.”

If re-elected to the council, Corti wants to see the successful grand opening of city hall. He also wants to continue to make more pedestrian-friendly improvements in the city.

In addition, he said he wants to make downtown Del Mar more commercially viable for residents and businesses alike, create affordable housing units, and, if passed, use the sales tax increase to improve the city’s roads, security, parks and other major capital expenditure desires of the community.

“I do not have an agenda other than to work hard to serve the entire community,” Corti said. “Their priorities are mine and I will always try to satisfy them in a fair, sensible and financially responsible manner.”

Mayor Sherryl Parks is also seeking a second term. The four other candidates are Jim Benedict, David Druker, Ellen Haviland and T. Patrick Stubbs. To learn more about the other candidates, see last week’s issue or visit


Sales Tax

Corti: The sales tax “is the best way to have the millions of visitors to Del Mar pay their fair share of the cost to provide essential services to them.”

Short-Term Vacation Rentals


Short-term vacation rentals is a “tough issue facing all communities and needs to be dealt with in Del Mar since the character and harmony of our residential community is at risk if we do nothing. Enforcing the current ban is problematic, and therefore, we should explore how to regulate as an option.”

Standalone Police Department

Corti: “It appears to be the best alternative for Del Mar. Subject to a thorough vetting of the implementation plan, budget and liabilities, I think it should be evaluated and compared to the renewal of the sheriff’s contract.”