Del Mar Community Connections honors Pete Glaser as its Volunteer of Year

With an interest in brain health and fitness, Pete Glaser began attending the Brain Fitness Program at Del Mar Community Connections. The program participant quickly became an active volunteer, managing the program for the past four years.

For his commitment and contributions, the Del Mar resident was recently recognized as the organization’s Volunteer of the Year.

“Pete is one of those people who just gives and gives and gives, and doesn’t expect anything in return,” said Jenelle Zingg, program director of Del Mar Community Connections, a volunteer-driven organization providing programs and services that allow aging residents to live safely, vibrantly and independently in their homes. “He treats his volunteer role like a job, and definitely a job he enjoys. He’s proud of the program, and wants the participants to be successful and have a good experience.”

Born on the East Coast, Glaser grew up in Los Angeles.

In 1944, he was drafted into the military, shortly after he turned 18. Originally based in Honolulu, Glaser served as an electronic technician in the Navy, also working on a ship off the coast of the Philippines, Okinawa and Japan during his three years in the military.

After the war, Glaser went to college and then worked in the computer industry for about 45 years.

Glaser moved to Del Mar 30 years ago, where he has been active in the community ever since. He is a volunteer with the Friends of the Del Mar Library and the Del Mar Historical Society. He also helped relaunch the Del Mar Television Foundation in 1999. Del Mar Community Connections was founded the same year, and Glaser produced a video on the beginning of the organization called “The New Face of Aging.”

Developed by Posit Science from work at UC San Francisco, the Brain Fitness Program is designed to improve thinking, understanding and memory in senior citizens. Exercises are done on a computer in a classroom for one hour three times a week. The program is self-paced and adjusts to each individual’s abilities and needs.

Classes are offered in the fall and spring, said Glaser, who added he enjoys volunteering because program participants say, “it does them good.”

“The Brain Fitness Program is like going to the gym for your brain,” he said. “You can train it no matter how old you are.”

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