Del Mar council continues to look at city’s parking problems and solutions


The Del Mar City Council is continuing to take steps toward a citywide parking management plan.

In January, staff unveiled an 85-page plan outlining strategies to improve parking in the downtown commercial area. At that time, council members Terry Sinnott and Dwight Worden agreed to review the document and report back to their colleagues within 30 days.

At the Feb. 2 meeting, Sinnott and Worden briefly presented a three-page document that defined success and established goals for a comprehensive parking plan. Such a plan would cover the whole city and accommodate employees, customers, residents and recreational users, such as beachgoers, they said.

“We’re trying to take that huge parking management report — that’s so full of information — and organize it in a way that we can hand it to the advisory committees and have it be manageable for them,” Worden explained. “Step one was to say, ‘What are the goals? Where are we trying to get to?’”

With a clear list of goals, Worden said the ad-hoc committee’s next step is to create a graphic outlining incentives and disincentives for proposed parking strategies. He and Sinnott also plan to develop specific questions for the city’s advisory committees, as they will be asked for input on the plan.

“Without this direction, we spin our wheels,” said Deputy Mayor Sherryl Parks.

“I think this is a good first start,” added Councilman Don Mosier. “Historically, the committees have not been able to deal with this. I think you’re going to have to ask some very specific questions with very clear answers. The council is going to have to instill that and take action.”