Planning board OKs renovation of The Farm at Del Mar Meadows equestrian center

The Farm at Del Mar Meadows, a five-acre equestrian center at 5275 Del Mar Mesa Road, is undergoing enhancement and renovation.

On Jan. 8, Michael Rollins, architect, Rollins Construction Consulting, presented to the Del Mar Mesa Planning Board a summary of enhancements to the equestrian center, including changing the design of the stables in the mid-pad area “to better accommodate the needs and care of horses.” At the Jan. 8 meeting, the Del Mar Mesa Planning Board unanimously recommended approval of the renovations.

Three stables will be added, housing 45 to 47 horses, with one stable maintained as is. Adding a stable building in the lower pad will free the old stable area for an open corral, Rollins said.

“Most of the stable will be single-story, with windows allowing natural light. In the back, two-story offices will overlook the arena. There will be no change to the land use or intensity of use; the project has been through the substantial conformance review,” Rollins said, presenting renderings of low, streamlined buildings with sleek gray and white lines.

“We won’t eclipse residences’ views. Horses will leave from the side barn, not near properties’ windows,” said the equestrian center’s owner, Diane Korsh, a Del Mar Mesa planning board member, who recused herself from discussion of the project, pending board approval.

Korsh added, “Water will be recycled, and arenas will be watered down once or twice a day with re-used water.”

She praised the center’s location, adding, “A lot of properties need the location, rather than going out to Poway.”