Bohemian Alchemist coffee shop opens in Del Mar village

A tented seating option inside Del Mar's new Bohemian Alchemist.
(Karen Billing)

A unique new coffee experience has opened in the Del Mar Village.

Bohemian Alchemist specializes in Turkish coffee and house- made chai, using an ancient technique from Turkey to warm beverages using the heat of sand. The coffee shop is the first and only facility in San Diego to have a sand brewing system approved by the health department—by focusing on this unconventional method, the shop can showcase coffee in a completely new way.

“We are an oasis from the everyday and hope travelers will discover us on their journeys,” said owner Sarah Jaeger.

Jaeger, a Minnesota native now living in Solana Beach, is a self-described “bohemian soul” and comes from a background in the wellness industry, including owning a yoga studio and wellness center. Her roots in wellness and care for people’s wellbeing influenced her choices in the teas and herbs on the menu, meant to rejuvenate as well as refresh.

Bohemian Alchemist's uses a unique sand brewing method.
(Karen Billing)

She said Bohemian Alchemist starts with the traveler mindset, picking up flavors, techniques, and ingredients from across the world. Alchemy takes over when those are combined to create something “unexpected and magical.”

“We go beyond typical coffeehouse menu items to find the unusual and evocative and bring them to the public,” Jaeger said. “This includes ingredients like yaupon, a native American plant similar to tea but with a unique rich flavor that pairs well with herbs and fruits, to jaggery, a raw Indian cane sugar we use along with hand-ground spices to create chai that is well outside the box.”

Smoother and more silky than espresso, Turkish coffee brewed the traditional way becomes an exotic foundation for drinks including licorice root, rose, cardamom and more.

The method of sand brewing will take some getting used to as it is more timely and mindful method but Yaeger hopes it will offer guests an opportunity to slow down and take the time to just take a breath and enjoy their brews.

To pair with the teas and Turkish coffee drinks, all of Bohemian Alchemist’s baked goods are made in house and will rotate with the seasons...and whatever Jaeger feels like whipping up.

A cozy corner in Bohemian Alchemist.
(Karen Billing)

The Del Mar village space has a definite Boho feel, with antique and eclectic pieces repurposed to serve as counters, shelves and light fixtures. There are handmade Art Nouveau tables (to match the Art Noveau logo and signage), and found pieces from around the world used to make tea and coffee, a nod to the cultural influences of their concoctions. A low Turkish seating area features a colorful silky tent roof.

Jaeger hopes that stepping into the shop will be a magical experience equal to the first sip of one of their unique drinks.

Bohemian Alchemist is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily at 1202 Camino Del Mar, suite B. For more, visit