Sept. 14: Letters to the Editor

Help give a stronger voice in the fight against cancer

Note: This letter was submitted just before the author left on her trip. She was in Washington, D.C. from Sept. 9-12.

Next week, I have the honor of representing cancer patients and survivors on Capitol Hill by traveling to Washington, D.C. with more than 700 of my fellow American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network volunteers from across the country to urge Congress to make cancer a national priority.

I became an advocate after being diagnosed with cancer, and I want to ensure that the progress on the fight against cancer is accelerated. Each dollar Congress puts toward cancer research offers hope to the lives of so many. New breakthroughs in treatment and prevention won’t sit idle in labs across the country, instead, they will be delivered to those who need it the most.

I hope to meet with Congressman Darrell Issa and tell him that cancer is nonpartisan, and that Congress should seize the opportunity to pass critical legislation that can help end cancer as we know it. With more than 1,650 people dying from cancer every day, we must take legislative action on these important issues. I will ask for his support for increasing federal funding for cancer research, backing legislation to improve patient quality of life and removing cost barriers to colorectal cancer screenings for seniors.

I encourage you to join us, giving us a stronger and louder voice in the fight against cancer. Visit to be connected to people like me in your community.

P. Kay Coleman

Del Mar