Feb. 2: Letters to the Editor

Alternative energy sources outside of fossil fuels should be pursued

I read with interest Mark Peter’s letter (Jan. 26 issue), “Climate change isn’t a serious problem,” as it provided another view on climate change. It seems to be irrelevant if climate change is happening or not since as a country we should be pursuing alternative energy sources outside of fossil fuels. America should be the leader in demonstrating to the global community our excellence in green fuel energies such as solar energy, wind power, tide power, etc. These are natural energies with little pollution. In this regard we fall short as other countries are ahead of us. By moving towards green fuel energies, that job sector would grow and become the source for jobs that could be lost with less fossil fuel industry. The end result would be less pollution, better health for people, and greater world stability without the need to trade for fossil fuels. It’s a win-win solution for the citizenry!

Mary Jarosz

Solana Beach

Science education concerns

As a retired physics professor, I am concerned about our science education that may fail to teach our kids the scientific principles, if we let go Mark Peter’s letter (Jan. 26 issue) on climate change without presenting the scientific facts. One simple but important physical law is the principle of causality: the cause and its effect, and yet it is most easily denied, misinterpreted, or ignored. Before the industrial revolution, even the emperor had, at most, a six-horse wagon. There used to be only a handful of emperors or empresses in the world, but, nowadays, there are billions driving cars at 150 to 250 horsepower and beyond. Even though the U.S. is not considered as the world’s manufacturing capital, the U.S. leads the world at 12kW per capita of energy consumption. By contrast, China consumed 1.5kW per capita, and India 1kW, and both are fast catching up with the developed countries in the energy consumptions. Our wishful thinking is that this will not cause global warming with gigantic hurricanes, arctic oscillations, powerful tornados, and sporadic weather extremes.

 Our actions are inconsequential to the inconveniences or even catastrophes on earth, and yet the new normal is pretended as mysterious, perhaps due to some invisible hand. In scientific studies, any effect has a cause, and every action produces consequence, perhaps more dramatically illustrated by the ‘butterfly effect’ – a sensitive dependency on a small deviation in the initial conditions to result in large differences in the later stage. The earth is finite in everything, and is totally vacuum sealed. The weather extremes cannot be uncorrelated with the continually increased energy consumption and accumulated heat waste. Imagine the fish in the fish tank is holding the BBQ party; an unrealistic assumption could lead to disasters.

 The 2kW society, first introduced in 1998 by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, is truly a shot in the arm for the capitalist societies to eradicate the wrongs. Our kids need to learn about the scientific facts so they will help correct the past wrong doings to give earth a chance.

James J Y Hsu

Solana Beach

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