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Feb. 16: Letters to the editor

Climate change and the facts

I’d like to respond to the two letters featured regarding climate change. It does exist, but it’s not such a serious problem requiring a UN global carbon tax of trillions of dollars that will have little-to-no effect and destroy the economies of Africa.

Valerie and Jack are misinformed and perpetuate the false narrative, fake science and mainstream news parroting. There is no 97 percent consensus. Mr. Cook et al’s study has been refuted by the Friends of Science analysis that found his methodology and stats flawed. It’s only 0.5 percent as out of the 11,000 papers there were only 41 supporting the alarmists. 

Gore’s film has nine major flaws, most notably the Mann hockey stick chart, according to Dr. Jake Herbert. The documentary “Climate Hustle” consists of interviews with experts who are climatologists, geologists, physicists and other environmental scientists who all are skeptical of the alarmists’ data and fake science.


Lord Monckton has released a paper that demonstrates via a mathematical analysis that there’s a major error in the computer modeling calculation. A leading climatologist concurs. The Weather Channel founder has stated that climate change isn’t a serious problem. Dr. Michael Crichton’s book, “State of Fear,” documents with a 30-page bibliography that the CO2 emissions aren’t so serious. He’s also debated the issue, while Al Gore refuses to defend his position. The polar bear population is both increasing and decreasing depending upon the species. A recent South Pole expedition found that the ice cap is increasing. A thorough study of the CRU and University of E. Angelical e-mails also known as Climategate showed that the data has been cooked (no pun intended) and the skeptics weren’t allowed to examine the data. A whistleblower from NOAA has stated that the data used was falsified. UN IPCC member Dr. Einhoffer has stated that the movement has become so politicized that it has little to do with science and the environment. Greenpeace founder concurs. There are 1,300 scientific peer-reviewed papers that refute the climate change and global warming hysteria. I challenge anyone to refute any of these studies and reports with facts and evidence. They can all be found via google.

Mark A. Peter, MA, MA

Solana Beach

‘An Open Letter to Congressman Darrell Issa’


Dear Congressman Darrell Issa,

You owe the constituents of the 49th district the respect of allowing us a real forum where we can ask questions and have a meaningful dialogue. Your failure to schedule an in-person town hall (as opposed to the cowardly “telephonic town hall” you stage-managed on Jan. 30) reveals much about your character.

Do you fear:

1) The optics of holding an event that might draw protesters holding signs?

2) Being challenged on your failure to speak out against Trump’s refugee ban?

3) Being held accountable for your mysteriously vague health care proposal?

4) Or all of the above?

Bottom line - you appear to be afraid of meeting the people you represent. You have been invited multiple times to attend a town hall meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 21, from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. at Jim Porter Recreation Center, 1200 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista, CA, to discuss your proposed repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. To date, you have failed to respond.


Please man up, show up and hear our voices!

Sharon Rosen Leib

Solana Beach

Thank you Rajy Abulhosn

I am writing to voice my support for Rajy Abulhosn’s letter of Feb. 9. With the rise of white supremacy in our government, it is so important that schools make every student feel safe. Chanting “build that wall” would be a horrific jibe for some students to hear. We all should be shocked at this meanness and be taking measures to ensure that all students receive bias training. Kindness is the new competitive edge. Many successful businesses have figured this out even if our president hasn’t.

Jennifer Ball

Solana Beach

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