Letters to the Editor

Aug. 3 and 10: Letters to the editor

Listening to the public – an open letter to the DM Council

Dear Mayor and Councilmembers,

It is so troubling to realize that the speakers and those who take time to appear before you and send in Red Dot letters are seldom listened to by the Council. If you do, it is hard to find any correlation between what is said or written and the ultimate decisions that are rendered.

As for the Sheriff vs. Police Department issue, it just grinds on because three votes cannot be generated in favor of one or the other, even when common sense, public testimony and written letters so overwhelmingly support the retention of our sheriff services. It’s maddening, to say the very least.

The report generated by a company biased toward the creation of our own police force has cost at least $75,000 plus hours upon hours of staff time to try to trump up support for the police force option. It’s like trying to force a square peg into a round rathole.

If the PD option is chosen, it will be by far an even greater mistake than the Council deciding not to purchase the Historic Train Station when offered the first opportunity by Catellus a few years ago. I come close to tears when I think about that disastrous mistake. Please do not repeat that mistake by choosing to create a stand-alone police force. Please read between the lines and try to visualize the future under a Del Mar police force. It does not fit the culture of Del Mar, especially at this time when we have so many pressing projects and responsibilities. We can’t even handle the Pat Vergne issue without a major investigation. How would we ever be able to manage a police force?

A review of the weekly Sheriff activity report clearly indicates that there is very little crime within our city, and the STRs in our residential areas have been practically eliminated, one of the reasons this PD issue came about in the first place.

Going forward, I hope Sherryl’s visit with the Sheriff’s Department leadership brings forth ways that their services can be enhanced to the Council’s liking. The public is tiring of this irritating issue not being resolved in favor of the continuation of our Sheriff services. As one of you pointed out, the three candidates who spoke in favor of the establishment of a Del Mar Police Department were all defeated in the last election.

Hershell Price

Del Mar

Beloved dog likely killed by coyote

Thank you for your article about the increase in coyote attacks. Unfortunately, it was printed five days too late for our beloved Chihuahua, Cassie, who disappeared from our yard on July 29. After scouring the neighborhood for days, placing flyers, checking shelters and signing up with numerous lost pet agencies, we hired a canine search and rescue team to help find our dog.

Cassie (Courtesy)

Unfortunately, all signs from the dogs and their handler led us to believe that Cassie was killed by a coyote. No remains were found, but there were lots of coincidences that pointed in that direction. From what the handler pieced together, Cassie was taken by a coyote that jumped over the fence into our yard, and then jumped back out with her. The trail went cold in the canyon behind Del Mar Heights Elementary School. Never in a million years did we imagine this would happen to us. We are absolutely devastated, and can only hope that our story will prevent other pets from facing the same fate.

Lisa St. John

Del Mar Heights

A suggestion for One Paseo

This is in response to the July 27 Del Mar Times story about One Paseo night noise, and the delayed and minimal response, telling affected neighbors at a meeting on July 19 that in life you have to live through the bad for the good things to come. Thanks.

Perhaps in response to my letter, One Paseo View, published in the April 27, 2017, Del Mar Times, One Paseo did put up 6-foot green plastic sheeting along the construction fence to partially cover up the construction eyesore. Thanks, again. You could have instead installed 10-foot-high placards and invited local art teachers and their classes to paint murals on them. That could have been a wonderful neighborhood experience.

Most visible now is the retail parking structure in construction. That is set back from Del Mar Heights Road so little that the structure threatens to dominate an industrial-style view on Del Mar Heights Road. One Paseo, I suggest that you plant a full, solid hedge in front of the building, reaching up to above the height of the multi-story structure, be that 30 feet or whatever it takes. And please plant mature trees as soon as exterior work is completed. Thank you, in advance.

James Larrimore

Del Mar